How to Find a Herbal Medicine Doctor

It’s one of the more difficult questions to answer when it comes to finding a herbal medicine doctor in a city like Portland.

For the most part, it’s hard to find any of these types of jobs in cities like Portland that don’t have a large amount of herbal medicine dispensaries or herbal medicine schools.

However, it turns out there are some really nice jobs available to those who live and work in the city. 

One of the main reasons people move to Portland for medical jobs is to make their own medicine. 

“Theres a huge amount of medicine out there, and a lot of the people are using a lot and have a lot,” said Melissa Coggin, a resident of Portland and co-owner of the Oregon Herbal Clinic.

“There’s not a lot out there for people to use.” 

Coggin started working in the medical field when she was a high school student in Portland, Oregon. 

She began studying medical herbs and eventually graduated with a Master of Science in Botany.

She said that while many people in Portland are looking for jobs in the field, there are other options to find a new profession.

“There are people who are actually in the business of producing medicine,” Coggins said.

“They can do that at a higher rate than you can with some of the smaller stores.

They can actually sell the products directly to the consumer.” 

She also pointed out that there are also some medical dispensaries that are also growing their own herbal medicine, which she said has made the job a lot easier. 

There are currently more than 15,000 dispensaries in Oregon, according to the Oregon Health Authority. 


Herbal medicine is often a combination of medicinal herbs that are commonly used in Chinese medicine and herbal medicine used in other cultures. 

Portland has many medicinal herb dispensaries, but many of them only sell the medicine they sell. 

This is because of regulations in Oregon that require them to keep records of every person they purchase from.

Coggins said that’s not always the case in other cities. 

For example, Coggan said there are no requirements in Seattle that stores like her need to keep track of the medicine that they purchase. 

Another problem that people in the state face is that they have to go to a local pharmacy to buy medicinal herbs. 

A typical purchase in Oregon involves purchasing a sample of medicine and going to the local pharmacy where the seller will take a sample from the medicine and write down the name, street address, and pharmacy number. 

Because of this, Coggins said the cost of buying medicinal herbs in Oregon is quite high. 

Herb sales in Portland can be very expensive because of the restrictions that are placed on the dispensaries. 

So, COGGINS has started a website to help people get around this problem. 

The Herbal Medicinal Marijuana Clinic is a non-profit organization that is trying to raise money for a program that will allow people to buy medical marijuana in Portland without the need for a local dispensary. 

To learn more about medicinal marijuana in Oregon or to buy a sample, go to the Herbal Medical Marijuana Clinic website.

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