Dr. Gurmar herbal products

Medical products maker Gurmar has been the target of an investigation by the FDA, which found the company did not meet standards for quality and safety for its herbal products.

The FDA found the product Gurmar is selling contains no herbs, was not tested for toxicity, and had not been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for use in the U .


According to the report, Gurmar’s herbal products did not undergo rigorous safety testing, and they had not undergone FDA approval for use by people who had not had previous health problems or medical conditions.

Gurmarl is not the only herbal brand on the market that has been scrutinized for quality concerns.

Earlier this month, a report from Consumer Reports found that a range of products sold by Ayurvedic medicine makers were not as well-tested as the industry’s best sellers.

According the report: Ayurveth’s products contain at least six ingredients that were not approved by FDA as safe for human consumption in humans, including a chemical found in several plants that may be harmful to people with cancer.

Ayurvastatin, a steroid used to treat acne, was found to be toxic to rats and mice.

It was also found to cause birth defects in laboratory mice and human fetuses.

The report concluded that Ayurvena products were not up to the mark for safety.

And a company that claims to be the world’s largest wholesale distributor of Ayurvanth, the traditional Indian remedy for depression and anxiety, was suspended last year after a study found it may cause liver damage in humans.

In recent years, the FDA has been working with a variety of regulators, including the U and the European Union, to identify products that have not met standards and that should be recalled, but in the end, that process has largely been a slow one.

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