When China’s chinese medicine gets you back to life

Chinese herbal medicine has been found to be effective for preventing Parkinson’s disease, according to research published in the prestigious British Medical Journal.

The findings are the latest in a growing field of research on the Chinese herbal product, which has been used by many Chinese populations in recent years.

According to the research, chinese herbs were found to help with inflammation in the brain, and also boost the immune system.

This study was funded by the Wellcome Trust and the British Medical Research Council.

It is not clear whether the herbs have a significant impact on Parkinson’s, but this type of research is proving very fruitful in terms of finding a treatment.

In 2016, the British Journal of Neurology published a study that showed chinese herb tea may improve symptoms in Parkinson’s patients.

Dr Wu Xinqiang, from the University of California at San Diego, said the research was encouraging.

“We think that the use of herbal medicines may help people with Parkinson’s in terms how they respond to drugs, and we believe that they may help the treatment of some forms of neurodegenerative disease,” Dr Wu said.

“There are many studies that have shown the efficacy of herbal remedies for treating Parkinson’s.”

The research also showed the use could have a beneficial impact on Alzheimer’s disease.

“This could be because the herbs could increase the brain’s blood flow to the brain and the brain could use that to prevent a buildup of the protein beta-amyloid, which is a toxic protein that accumulates in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s,” Dr Liu said.

The research was published in BMJ.

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