New Zealanders will pay more for herbal medicine in the wake of Malunggaya scandal

NEW ZEALANDers will be paying more for herbs and natural products after a $12 million corruption scandal, with the Government saying it will increase its rebate and increase the amount people can get free of cost.

Key points:More than $12m of the proceeds will be used to pay for the cost of medicinesNew Zealanders who use the services will have to pay a penalty if they miss their rebateUnder the reforms, New Zealand will no longer reimburse people for herbal or natural medicinesThe Government said more than $1bn of the funds would be used for the Government’s reforms to the rebate systemIt will also require Kiwis to pay the cost if they don’t take advantage of the rebate.

The Government will introduce a new system, with people who buy herbal or naturopathic treatments from pharmacies and health centres to be eligible for a rebate.

New Zealand’s rebate system, which was in place from February 2015 to January 2016, was plagued by mismanagement.

The New Zealand Medical Association (NZMA) has said it was left with “no alternative but to call for a fresh look”.

“It is essential that all Kiwis, regardless of income or where they live, have access to the same basic rebates,” NZMA chief executive Andrew Grieve said.

“This includes New Zealand’s traditional and emerging herbal and naturopaths.”‘

I was just getting ready to go out and buy something’New Zealand will be replacing the $2,500 rebate from a year ago, with a $4,000 rebate in 2017 and $8,000 in 2018.

The rebate system has been plagued by problems, including a lack of consistency in rebate amounts and the inability to pay out in advance.

The Prime Minister’s Office said the new system will mean Kiwis will no long be subsidising the prices of herbs and naturals by buying them for themselves.

It said people who were “just getting ready” to purchase herbal or herbal-derived products for themselves would have the rebate applied to their income.

It will mean people will no more be subsidizing the prices or the prices being charged by herbal or health services providers by purchasing them themselves.Newshub.

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