‘You are not supposed to be a doctor’: Ex-doctor’s rant after losing his licence

The ex-doctor who has been barred from practising medicine in Wales after being found guilty of abusing patients has warned that patients are being mistreated by the medical profession.

Dr David Gorman was ordered to pay a £2,500 fine after being caught by the Welsh Ambulance Service (WASH) using a false name, claiming to be Dr Alan Gorman, and claiming he was a GP who could treat all types of medical conditions.

In a letter to WASH director-general Stephen McNamara, Dr Gorman said he had “no intention” of returning to the NHS.

“I’ve already written to you and to my GP, so you know what I’m saying,” he wrote.

He added: “I have no intention of returning.

I’m not interested in working for you any more.

I have no interest in doing any more work for you.

I want to stop working in Wales.”

The GP, who is still in the Welsh Borders, told The Welsh Times: “This is a very serious matter, and the fact that I was told that I would be unable to practice medicine in the NHS in Wales is not good enough.

The NHS has done a very poor job of handling this situation and they should apologise for this.

We don’t know what is happening.

This is not the way things are done in Wales.

It’s a very dangerous situation for patients and I’m sorry for that.”

In June, the NHS said that it had suspended Dr Gormer’s registration as a doctor and that he was not to practise medicine.

Dr Gorman had been found guilty by the WASH in March of two counts of abuse of patients and a further three of fraud, and was sentenced to a total of four years in prison.

In a statement to the BBC, the Welsh Government said: “The Health Service Executive (HSE) and Welsh Ambulatory Service (CAS) have suspended the registration of Dr Alan P Gorman as a GP, which is the same as a ‘medical practitioner’ for Wales.”

The HSE has asked for the full cooperation of the CAS in its investigation.

“We will be providing further information in due course.”

Dr Gormorant has not commented publicly since his arrest in June, and is currently in a care home.

Dr G Norman, who has now spent more than a decade in jail, told the BBC: “My case was not the end of the world.

There are people in Wales who are abusing patients.”

The Welsh Ambular Society said the ruling had had a “devastating impact” on the profession and called on the government to reconsider its decision.

A Welsh Ambulator said: “Dr Gomer has been found not guilty of two offences in the same court.

The HSE is committed to protecting the welfare of all our patients, including those with mental health issues.

As the case has now come to court, we would like to take this opportunity to reiterate our calls for the HSE to revisit its decision and restore Dr Gomer’s registration.”

Welsh Ambulances Wales said it would continue to provide emergency care for patients in urgent need, including for patients with dementia, and said it was working with the NHS to ensure the health and safety of all patients.

Its director- general, Dr Gareth Davies, said:

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