Why you should never drink water from the kuchay

A water source from the tiny island of Kuchay has sparked controversy in Madagascar after locals claimed they found the substance in the water.

In a video uploaded on Facebook on Sunday, locals claimed to have discovered the substance when they were searching for fresh water in the area, which is only a couple of hours from the capital, Kambali.

The clip, which has since been deleted, sparked a furious reaction from local health workers who described it as an ‘unacceptable and irresponsible use of water’.

The video has since attracted hundreds of comments from viewers and critics.

“Water from the Kuchai Islands should be treated with respect and dignity.

We should not drink from the water of these islands unless we need to treat it for medical reasons,” the video reads.”

When you find a water source like this, you should treat it as a medicine,” another person commented.”

I think we should treat water from Kuchays as medicine,” one person commented on the video.”

You should treat this water as medicine.

There is a kuchayan in the Kichai Islands and I think we have to treat them as medicine to save them from the pollution,” another said.

In the video, locals claim that a kochay water source was found nearby.

However, the water source is a very local one, and locals claim it was not an isolated occurrence.

“The kochays water source has been discovered in the small town of Rambou, where we are staying,” the caption on the Facebook video reads, adding that they are “worried about the impact on the local economy”.

“We are also worried about the effects on the health of the locals, since it is only just a few hours from Kambalam,” the post continues.

“Kuchay is a small island, about two kilometres from the main island, and we do not have any electricity.

We also do not even have a running water supply,” the Facebook post continues, explaining the importance of treating the water as a “medical” treatment.

The post went on to say that the residents were not aware of the “unacceptable” use of the water, and are “appalled” that the people are taking this into consideration.

“We want to remind you that we are an isolated island, not part of the capital,” the group of locals explained.

“We do not depend on the mainland for water, we do have access to fresh water from Lake Kichay, which comes from the nearby Lake Chambon, and which we use for drinking and bathing.”

While locals claimed that they were not expecting the water to contain kuchays medicine, they did not hold back from expressing their concern over the situation.

“There are many health risks in the local environment and it is not good for us to take this medicine, as it is very risky,” one of the Facebook users told the local news agency AFP.

“Please treat the water like a medicine.

This is a public health issue,” another user wrote on the post.

The Kuchayan Islands are located in the western part of Madagascar, and have been a popular tourist destination for decades.

However in recent years, tourism has declined due to climate change and tourism is not being supported by the island’s government.

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