The story behind the story of Indonesian herbal medicine that helped save a man’s life

Jakarta, Indonesia — When a young woman named Siti Fotiasi came to Indonesia from Indonesia with her husband, she took them to the hospital to treat her symptoms.

But it wasn’t a typical hospital visit.

It was a place where doctors performed what doctors call a “gut scan,” where they looked inside the patient’s gut.

But Siti and her husband were having a problem.

Her intestines were full of bacteria.

Siti had severe colon cancer, and they were desperate to get her cancer out of her body.

Sometime in March, the doctors told her the colon cancer had metastasized.

The cancer had spread to her liver and lungs.

It had spread across her chest and neck.

The only way out of this situation was to have surgery.

Soti’s stomach and her colon were both so severely swollen that the surgeons said they could not do the surgery at all.

In her desperation, Siti wanted to die.

In the end, doctors told Siti to get surgery and to stay home for six months.

After the surgery, Sita told her story in a YouTube video.

It went viral.

She went viral because people started talking about her.

Sita’s story is a cautionary tale of how not to handle medical emergencies.

It shows that there is no standard procedure for when doctors tell a patient to get an emergency surgery.

There is a set of rules, and that sets the parameters of what can and can’t happen.

There are rules for how to get a patient out of the hospital, how to do a chest X-ray, and how to give the patient a sedative.

But there are no guidelines for when a surgeon will tell a medical patient that he or she needs to go to the operating room for an emergency.

There’s a set set of standards and then there’s the reality.

In Indonesia, the guidelines are the same for the public and private hospitals.

There were two different hospitals that Siti went to for her surgery.

One was a private hospital.

She was taken to the private hospital and told that her cancer had progressed.

The other hospital was a government hospital.

The government hospital took care of the rest of the surgery.

This was the same hospital that the doctors who performed Siti’s surgery told her she needed to get the surgery because she was “dangerous.”

But when Siti told the surgeons about her cancer, they asked her if she would like to go home.

They said, “No.

This is your emergency.”

In fact, the government hospital didn’t know that Sita had cancer, nor did the government doctors.

When Siti left the hospital for the surgery and came back, they told her that her colon was so full of bad bacteria, she needed surgery.

In a very different way, the private hospitals didn’t ask Siti what the risks of her surgery were, nor what she needed in order to get it done.

The private hospitals, in fact, were worried about the risks.

They didn’t want to do the procedure.

They were worried that if they did, they would have to have to go through a series of surgeries that could potentially cause serious complications.

When the surgeon told Sita to get in surgery, the surgeons told her, “You need to stay in the operating table.”

This was a very telling exchange between the private and government hospitals.

The first time that Sitte went to the public hospital, she told her surgeons that she had cancer.

The surgeons told Sitte that the cancer was metastatic.

They told her it had spread all over her liver.

The surgeon said, Sitte, the cancer is spreading all over your liver.

Sitte was scared and told them, “I don’t want this.”

But they said, Well, SIT, you need to go for the emergency surgery, and you need it right now.

This meant that the private doctors were right.

But in the end they didn’t tell Siti she needed the surgery in order for her to be safe.

There was no standard protocol.

They just told SIT that if she wanted to go, she would need to get into the operating chair.

They asked her, You need to put some gauze in your abdomen and put gauze around your colon.

SIT said, I don’t think that would be a good idea.

The doctor told Sitti that the gauze was not needed.

The gauze wasn’t necessary.

They put some bandages around her stomach, but the gauzies didn’t help.

The doctors didn’t even tell SIT what they thought the gauzes would do.

They only told SITT that she needed a bandage.

And when SIT asked what the bandages would do, the doctor told her: You need some gauzie.

They even told her they’d take some gauzer.

Sittit had no idea what gauzer she was talking about.

But they didn�t tell her

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