When should you get goosegrass herb medicine?

If you have been diagnosed with an allergy, you may be able to get a prescription from a doctor or pharmacist in the U.S. for a topical remedy made from a plant that can help ease symptoms such as asthma and hay fever.

The plant is called goosegrass, and its use is not as well known in the Middle East, where it has been banned by the Israeli government for over a decade.

In the U, it is used as an antihistamine and for hay fever relief.

But in Israel, the plant is not allowed under the Controlled Substances Act and is illegal under Israeli law.

To get gooseflower herbal medicine in Israel and abroad, a doctor would have to obtain a prescription through a doctor who specializes in herbal medicine.

The patient would have the option to have a physician take the prescription or obtain a non-prescription version from a trusted friend or family member.

But the medication has no proven medicinal benefits, which is why a few physicians have written to The Jerusalem Mail asking the Ministry of Health to change the law.

A physician would be able take a patient’s medicine, then pass it off as a prescription, while the patient would get the remedy without any prescription.

This means that the doctor would be free to prescribe the medicine as he or she wishes, said one of the physicians involved in the letter.

In the meantime, the physician would need to contact a trusted person, who would take a sample of the medicine, analyze it and make sure it is safe, said Dr. Shai Shomer, an assistant professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s medical school.

The ministry’s website advises that the medication may be prescribed for specific conditions such as: asthma, hay fever, colds, allergies and a general cold.

But when patients ask about allergies, the ministry advises that it is best to get the medication from a health professional who is familiar with the allergies and can prescribe it on your own, said Shomer.

This article has been updated with the ministry’s response.

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