How to make the perfect cinnamon syrup: Learn how to make a magical recipe with the help of a spice enthusiast

A magical cinnamon syrup is what it sounds like—a cinnamon extract that turns into a cinnamon syrup when you add a pinch of cinnamon to your drink.

You can make your own cinnamon syrup at home, but if you’re going to try this recipe, you’ll need a recipe from the spice enthusiast.

And for those who just want to try the recipe, there are a few different ways to get started.

The key to making this cinnamon syrup?

Adding cinnamon.

If you’ve ever made the kind of spice mix that is a cinnamon roll, you know how important it is to make cinnamon with just a touch of cinnamon.

To make this recipe work, you need to get the exact ratio of cinnamon powder and ground cinnamon to extract that works for you.

You need to make sure that the cinnamon powder is slightly hotter than the ground cinnamon, and the cinnamon has a bit of cinnamon flavor.

Add a pinch or two of ground cinnamon powder, and then you’re ready to go. 

What You Need to Make a Magic Cinnamon Sieve: You need a cinnamon extractor (or, in this case, a spice maker) that can convert powdered spices to a powder.

You also need a container to hold the cinnamon extract.

What You’ll Need to Create Your Own Cinnamon Sift: To make the magic cinnamon sieve, you will need: a bowl filled with water to soak the cinnamon in for about a half hour; a container with a lid to hold your extractor in; a jar with the powder that you want to use; and a spoon to make your cinnamon sift.

(We like to make our own cinnamon sifts, because we like to have our own ingredients and we want our own process.)

What to Do First: Mix the powdered spices.

In the bowl of your spice maker, combine the powdered spice powder, ground cinnamon (to help the extractor work), and a pinch.

Set the jar of the extract in the bowl and pour the water in.

Set it to the stove and stir constantly to let the spices sit for about 30 seconds, or until the mixture begins to boil.

Let the mixture sit for a minute or two longer, or longer if you prefer, to make it more stable.

When you’re done with the extract, add the cinnamon and stir until the cinnamon is dissolved.

Add the powder and stir to combine.

You should have a powder that is about as thick as a softball.

Add another tablespoon or two to the bowl.

Now, you’re on your own.

It’s really up to you.

What I like to do is pour the powder into a large bowl that you can keep the sieve in.

If you’re using a spice mix, make sure you don’t pour the mixture directly into the bowl as you can spill it out.

It can burn your sieve and ruin your next cinnamon recipe.

Add your extract.

Fill the bowl with water, then pour in the cinnamon.

When the water reaches the desired consistency, add your extract and stir.

If it’s a lot, add a little more water.

If the mixture is too thick, add another tablespoon of water.

(You can also add more cinnamon to make up for the water that’s not there.)

Add the mixture to your sifter and set it to a simmer. 

When the sifter is set, add some of the liquid to the sift, and stir the mixture around.

The mixture should be quite thin, and not runny.

If your sift is not very thick, you may need to add more liquid.

When it’s almost finished, add more of the water to the pot.

This should bring the sifted liquid to a consistency you like.

Once the sifting is done, you can add your cinnamon.

Pour it into your sieving, and let it sit for 30 seconds.

Then you can stir it around to add the rest of the cinnamon into the sieving.

(The cinnamon will take on a very sweet flavor if you add too much.)

If your cinnamon is too sweet, add water to thicken it. 

Add the sieved cinnamon to the hot pot.

Stir the mix constantly, until the sugar dissolves.

Once the sugar has dissolved, add about 1/3 of the hot water, stir it constantly, and pour in your cinnamon syrup.

Repeat until all of the sugar is incorporated.

This will take a little longer than the sifts in the process, but it’s better than nothing.

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