You don’t need to be a botanist to become a medicinal herb expert

An article on Ars Technic’s sister site, Ars Technics, that claims to provide a “first-hand look at the world of botanical medicine” is a fake, and you should not trust it.

The article is titled, “You Don’t Need to Be a Botanist To Become a Medicinal Herb Expert.”

This is a blatant lie.

As a botanical herb expert, I have studied and studied, and I have taught people the basics of the medicinal plants I use.

You can find the article here.

I have no knowledge whatsoever about the efficacy of the herb and herbal products I prescribe, or the effects they have on my patients.

I do not know anything about the safety of my patients, their families, or their health.

It is not true that I am a “medical botanists.”

I am a medical herbalist.

The title of this article, “Your medical botanisms don’t even require a doctorate,” is a direct quote from a recent article published in the journal The Journal of the American Medical Association that claims that I have “no qualifications” to offer the herbal medicine “treatments” I prescribe.

The article claims that my “profession” is “a combination of science and personal experience.”

I do not claim to be an “associate professor” of botany, but I am an “author” of a book that offers the basic “science” behind the herbs I prescribe (as well as a few of my own personal favorites).

I am not a “doctor” by any means.

I am not the author of a series of books that offer the “scientific” treatment recommendations of many of my favorite herbalists, or even my own favorite herbal products.

I am, instead, an herbalist who has the skill to make a variety of herbal products, including my own herbal medicine.

There is nothing in this article that indicates that I teach people how to “medicinally” treat illnesses, as if that were the purpose of my training.

And I have not written a book about how to use medicinal herbs to treat illnesses.

I have not told my patients how to treat their illness.

In fact, I do a lot of the work for them in my office, but they have no clue about how I make their “medication” or how to make sure it is safe.

My personal experience is that herbal medicine is not a panacea, or a treatment for every medical problem.

In a way, it is a kind of “magic bullet” that can help patients with certain illnesses.

If patients are “over-treated,” they will have a higher chance of developing a condition that will make them less effective at treating their condition, and the condition will become worse, and they will be unable to get the treatments they need.

It is true that herbal medicines can be very effective, and that some of the most important things that are being learned about herbal medicine are the most effective things we know about.

But in my experience, it has not been my experience to prescribe herbal medicine for specific illnesses, and to make certain patients well, or at all, by prescribing it.

As an herbal herbalist, I am dedicated to helping patients manage their health and to helping them achieve their goals, whether those goals are to improve their physical or mental health, or to achieve a long-term goal of improving their quality of life.

I can make it easy for patients to find and use their best remedies for their particular ailment, and it is very helpful to me when they find a remedy that I think is good for them.

But this article is a lie.

It pretends that a “caregiver” of the author, and not a medical botany expert, can be the expert who can “diagnose” whether a “medically useful” remedy is actually effective for treating the illness.

It also pretends, for the sake of the article, that the author has “no qualification” to teach a “specialty” medical herb, or herbal products in general.

The real reason for this fake article is that it is designed to deceive readers who want to believe that the herbal products we prescribe are safe.

These products can be a powerful and useful tool for treating illnesses, but are not necessarily a cure-all for every illness.

There are many herbs that have been shown to be effective in treating conditions like cancer and diabetes, for example.

But they are not perfect, and we are all made up of many different “types of” compounds in our bodies.

For some conditions, such as cancer, we have no clear idea of which compounds to use and for which condition.

This article tries to convince readers that they are likely to have an illness that has the “wrong” compound or the wrong combination of compounds, and thus, they should use herbal remedies for that illness.

The whole premise of this bogus article is to mislead readers into thinking that their

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