How to take the herbal medicines craze out of the Himalayas

There’s an underground community of people who have been taking herbal medicine for centuries in the Himalayan region.

The practice, known as “shahalism,” is based on the belief that medicines are the key to longevity.

Shahalists believe that the herbivorous plants they ingest are able to protect the body from the toxins of modern life, allowing for a long life.

This belief has led to the practice of herbal medicine in the mountains of Nepal, and has also spread to neighboring India and China.

However, despite this success, the practice has been increasingly frowned upon in the West.

There’s an estimated one million people in Nepal who take shahal and their followers are not allowed to leave the mountains without their prescribed medicines.

For years, authorities have tried to stamp out the practice and banned its use by foreigners.

But recently, in a move that seems to be aimed at quelling concerns, a bill was introduced in the Nepalese Parliament in June that would ban the practice in all of the country.

A few years ago, the Nepali government even threatened to take away the passports of those who had taken shahals.

“There is no place in the country where people can take herbal medicines without having their passports stamped,” Nepal’s Interior Minister, Mavalat Bhaskar, told the Guardian last year.

As the country continues to struggle to recover from the devastating floods that have swept through the country, the situation is no better in the Indian subcontinent.

Since India and Nepal are not officially recognized by the World Health Organization, the WHO has given Nepal the option of taking its medicine at home.

Nepal has been known to do just that.

But India has always remained suspicious of shahali and has banned it from all but essential medical services.

Despite this, there are hundreds of thousands of people across the country who believe that they have found a solution to their ailments by taking herbal medicines.

Some of them are not the only ones taking herbal remedies.

According to the UN, some 40% of the world’s population suffers from a chronic condition.

India is one of the largest consumer markets for herbal medicines, and more than half of the region’s herbal products are exported to India.

While many people are wary of taking the dangerous herbal medicines abroad, others have come forward to take them in the hope that it will make them healthier.

They say the products help with digestion, energy, mental health and more.

Some have even taken the herbal medicine themselves, even going as far as to perform their own liver transplants.

In India, many people who take these products are also seeking help for cancer.

One woman told India’s Geo TV: “I am taking the medicine because I want to live.

I want my body to be strong, my mind to be sharp and my spirit to be bright.

I am not looking for fame or fortune, I am looking for a happy life.”

In a recent interview with The New York Times, a man named Natarajan, who claims to have been the first person to take shawal, said that the medicine helped him lose weight and was effective for a variety of illnesses.

He also described the medicine as a “powerful medicine” and said he had used it for “six months, I can’t tell you how long.”

The Indian government has been taking measures to discourage the use of herbal medicines in the region.

In January, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that Indians should not take shalas, adding that India will be “tough” with foreign buyers who are importing shalams to sell to the Indian market.

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