How China’s ‘Weiss’ herb helps fight cancer

Chinese herbal medicine “Weiss” is gaining popularity in China.

It has a similar scent and taste to some Chinese herbal remedies.

The name means “sour almond” in Chinese.

It was first introduced in the 1970s in northeastern China, according to the British botanist Peter J. Wittenberg.

Since then, it has spread to other parts of the country.

Weiss is a Chinese herbal remedy that is a mixture of a herb and water.

Its popularity has led to its being imported into the United States and other parts.

In China, the Weiss remedy is called “Hanoi’s Weiss,” which is the name of the city in Vietnam where it was first discovered.

It is a “green tea” that contains a large amount of green tea (green tea leaves) and has a high concentration of anthocyanins, an antioxidant.

The herb’s high antioxidant content helps ward off cancer.

The chemical is present in green tea and other plants that are used for cooking.

It’s also in some herbal products sold in supermarkets.

Weisse is a blend of a number of herbs and water, according the Weisse Foundation, which is dedicated to supporting and promoting Weiss and other Chinese herbal products.

It also offers a “health-boosting” tea extract that is meant to aid the body’s detoxification process.

The herbal remedy has been found to be effective in a number a cancers and inflammatory conditions, including type 2 diabetes, obesity and inflammatory bowel diseases.

We have seen many positive studies with Weiss, said Dr. Stephen M. Zang, an associate professor at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health who has researched Weiss.

Some Chinese herbalists believe Weiss will help patients with cancer recover from their condition.

In 2014, the Chinese herbalist Zhang Xinqing said that the treatment works by “protecting” the cells that are damaged by the cancer.

In the past, the treatments had been ineffective for certain types of cancers.

We don’t have enough evidence to prove it, said Zhang, who is also a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Zhang said in the past two years, Chinese herbal companies have begun producing and selling Weiss-based medicines.

But he added that Weiss has only been available for a short period of time in China and that the Chinese government is not actively promoting its use.

Some other countries have introduced a Weiss supplement as well.

In Australia, a supplement called Weiss Elixir is sold as an herbal supplement.

In North America, Weiss herbal supplements have been made available in China, Germany, the Netherlands and Britain.

But Chinese herbalism has been in the spotlight lately.

In October, Chinese authorities ordered herbal products to be banned from sale, including Weiss extracts.

Authorities in Hong Kong banned the sale of Weiss extract products after a case of Weisse-induced breast cancer was discovered in a patient there.

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