What’s your emergency herbal remedy?

What is an emergency herbal medication?

These medicines are often used for the treatment of a wide range of ailments, and are often called “emergency medicines”.

Emergencies can come in a variety of forms, but can include things like a fever, cough, headache, muscle aches, and muscle pain.

The first and most important thing to know about emergency medicines is that they are not available for immediate consumption.

An emergency medicine can take several weeks to a few months to work on a patient, depending on the type of illness and severity of symptoms.

Some of these medicines are more potent than others.

Emergency medicine can be taken for several days to a week, depending how severe your symptoms are.

If you’re taking a medication for the flu, you may have to take it for longer than a day.

There are many different kinds of emergency medicines, but the two most common are: A “preventative” or “emergent” medicine.

This is a medication that is given to people who are in a severe or life-threatening condition.

It’s usually taken within a few hours of a severe illness or when a person needs it most.

A generic medicine.

These medicines come in many different forms.

These medicines are not as potent as the emergency medicines and do not contain the ingredients used in the emergency medicine.

Many of the prescription medicines are available over the counter at pharmacies and are sometimes called “generic” medicines.

This is a medicine that is prescribed for the health care practitioner to give to people.

It is usually taken at home and is not a prescription.

Generic medicines are very different from emergency medicines.

For example, if you take a generic medicine, you don’t need a prescription and can go about your day without needing a prescription for the medicine.

If you take an emergency medicine, then you need a doctor’s prescription to buy the medicine from a pharmacist.

This means that your doctor has to get your prescription before you can go to a pharmacy and buy the medication.

Another important thing is that emergency medicines are usually prescribed for specific conditions, so if you are prescribed a medicine for a condition that you don’ t have, then it will be less effective for you than if you had been prescribed a generic or a preventative medicine.

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