How to get help for pain, depression and anxiety in Somalia

Somali herbal medicine is used to treat many health problems, from headaches to stomach pain, but many Somalis lack access to the medicines.

About 70 per cent of the population does not have access to proper health care, according to a 2014 United Nations report.

“A lot of the pain relief is not available.

So, there is a lot of people who suffer from chronic pain,” says Mohamed, a doctor at the Somali Medical Centre.

He is a member of the country’s national health commission and has been prescribing traditional remedies for pain and anxiety for decades.

But he says it’s not easy to get the medicines to the people in need, particularly in the capital Mogadishu.

But when it came to the extract, Mohamed says he had to ask if it was safe.””

They would be very excited and they would be happy to receive it.”

But when it came to the extract, Mohamed says he had to ask if it was safe.

“The extract of this tea is not known to be safe.

So I decided to sell it to other doctors.

But in the end, there was not much to sell.”

The health commission has been working with a network of pharmacists to provide the herbal medicines to patients in need.

The local government has also been working to improve access to health care.

“This has been the first time in history that we have opened up this health center,” says Abdulaziz, the health commission’s general secretary.

“I think that we are now seeing more and more people getting help for their chronic health problems.”

The commission is also planning to open a second health center in the country in October to help other areas of the region get better access to traditional medicines.

The health center is the only one in Somalia that offers access to medicine.

So far, the commission has distributed about 6,000 doses of the medicines and has found that the patients have been happy with the results.

“They have been relieved and they have been reassured about the quality of medicine,” says Abdi Mohamed.

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