Kratom herbal remedy to treat pain in people with COVID-19

The opioid-replacement drug Kratom, an indigenous plant that’s been used for centuries as a treatment for pain, is now gaining popularity in the US for its potential for helping people suffering from COVID infection, a leading US healthcare source has revealed.

“People are looking at Kratom as a potential treatment for COVID because it’s so effective,” said Dr. Anthony Fauci, a clinical professor of medicine at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center who co-authored a 2016 study that found the herb had the potential to help patients with multiple sclerosis, multiple sclerosis and other debilitating neurological conditions.

“We’re seeing a lot of interest in it, particularly in the Midwest and in the South.”

Kratom, which is used as an ingredient in a number of natural products, has been found to be effective in treating pain and fever in patients with chronic pain, including arthritis and chronic fatigue syndrome.

It also reduces nausea and vomiting and can be used as a pain reliever for severe pain.

However, Fauji says his team found the drug’s effectiveness in treating chronic pain was limited to treating symptoms in people who were already taking opioids.

He says it can’t be used to treat a person’s symptoms, only to treat the underlying conditions that make them so miserable.

“It’s not a panacea,” Faui said.

“It’s very different from treating a person with a condition that’s caused by a disease.

So there are still some patients that are going to need the medication, but they’re going to be less likely to need opioids.”

Kampunga, which translates to “green” in English, is also popular in other countries, including South Korea and India.

Fauisi said he is seeing a growing interest in the herbal remedy in the United States, where the drug is often used to help alleviate anxiety and depression.

The new study focused on people with a severe chronic pain condition, such as MS or arthritis.

Its authors also used a clinical trial to look at how the drug helped people with chronic fatigue symptoms.

The study was conducted by researchers from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the University Health Network in Baltimore.

It was published online July 29 in the American Journal of Medicine.

Researchers in the study, which focused on chronic pain in a patient with MS, also used MRI scans and other tests to examine how the treatment worked.

Kratom has also been used to reduce the number of seizures in children and adults with epilepsy.

The drug’s active ingredient is a chemical called mitragynine, which produces a relaxing effect in people suffering with seizures, the authors said.

The team’s preliminary results indicate that Kratom reduces pain in about half of the people who took the drug.

They found that people who take it daily have lower pain scores, improved sleep quality and less anxiety than people who didn’t take the drug, but their pain scores weren’t reduced.

The researchers say their findings could help explain why Kratom has been linked to fewer seizures in people using it.

Kampunas potency is higher than the active ingredient in opioids, but its effectiveness remains limited in people without severe pain conditions.

In addition, the drug can’t help treat seizures in the elderly, who are at higher risk of suffering from chronic pain.

“We think Kratom could be useful for treating some of these other types of conditions that people may be suffering from,” said Faufi, who noted that other research shows it can help treat depression, anxiety and panic disorders.

In addition to the research, Fausi also co-led a study in June that found people who drank a cup of coffee a day had a reduced risk of COVID than people whose coffee consumption didn’t exceed two cups per day.

Fauci said the findings could also help explain the higher prevalence of chronic pain among the people in the Kratom trial who were taking opioids, compared to the people with no chronic pain conditions taking the drug and people who had experienced multiple sclerosis or other chronic pain disorders.

“These are people who are already on opioids,” Fausci said.

“If we can reduce the pain that they’re experiencing, then they can be less susceptible to COVID.”

Faui added that it’s important to remember that opioids aren’t the only painkillers people use, and there are other medications that have been shown to help people cope with pain.

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