When does your local dispensary need to be licensed?

A local dispensary could be the answer to your questions on cannabis and the government’s stance on medicinal cannabis, as new guidelines put in place by the federal government indicate that local pharmacies must be licensed.

The new guidelines are based on recommendations from the National Cannabis Advisory Committee (NCAC), a non-partisan group of federal, state and local health officials that advise the government on cannabis policy.

The NCAC report was released on Thursday, a week after the federal Health Minister James Reilly said he had seen “no evidence” of any negative effects of cannabis use on the brain.

It found that the amount of THC in cannabis had “no apparent detrimental effects on brain function”.

The NCAA’s chief executive, Michael Brown, said it was “important for people to be aware of the risks associated with cannabis use” and the importance of taking precautions when purchasing it.

“It’s important that people know how much cannabis is in a product, and that it is safe to consume,” he said.

“I would suggest that people have at least a limited amount of cannabis, or a small amount, of cannabis in their system.”

But some cannabis experts have argued that the federal guidelines will have little impact on local supply and demand.

“We are going to see the same thing as the United States, with the same results, which is that we are going down the road of allowing a whole lot of unregulated, unregulated cannabis production, and then all the states will be allowed to set their own standards,” Dr Peter Dutton, a neuroscientist and director of the National Institute for Drug Abuse (NIDA), told ABC Radio.

“The problem is the government will get caught up in regulation.”‘

Dangerous’ to childrenThe NCACP’s report also says the risks of cannabis are not clear, with studies suggesting some people may be more susceptible to brain damage if they consume cannabis in large quantities.

It states that cannabis can be harmful for children, with a range of possible health effects.

It also states that it “may increase the risk of cannabis dependence”.

However, some people in Australia, such as former cannabis user and former health minister Peter Duddridge, are still against cannabis legalization, saying it would be a “disaster” for the country.

“You would need a lot of people in the community to support it, and it’s not going to happen,” he told the ABC.

“This is going to create an opportunity for criminals and gangs to flourish and get access to all these illegal drugs, and so there’s going to be a huge increase in crime, particularly if we don’t allow people to make a choice to stop and think about their own wellbeing and their own health.”

Dr Dutton said that the National Health Policy had been set up to “create a sensible, well-regulated cannabis industry”.

“There’s not much room for manoeuvre.

It’s going nowhere,” he added.”

People are going into this with the mindset that if they don’t smoke, they won’t be affected by the health effects.””

We need to make sure we are not allowing this to become the next Pandora’s box.”

The NCACA also recommends that the government “ensure that local governments are providing a safe, competent and safe environment for patients and suppliers to access cannabis and for people with serious medical conditions to use cannabis for treatment”.

The guidelines do not specify how many times the government would like to see a local dispensary licensed.

“As a matter of urgency, the Minister must consult with the NCAC on this issue,” the government said.


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