Medical professionals: ‘The king’s herb’ can treat anxiety and depression

The medical profession has been warning for years about the possible dangers of synthetic cannabinoids.

Now it’s starting to get the message.

The American Academy of Neurology recently issued a statement warning that synthetic cannabinoids, such as those from “the king’s” herb, can cause “life-threatening, life-threatening neurological effects.”

“These are not the symptoms of a normal day, but they can be life-ending,” Dr. Christopher D. Licht, an expert on the effects of cannabinoids on the brain, said in a recent interview.

“You get this sort of extreme, intense anxiety.

It’s not an isolated event,” Licht said.”

We’ve had a lot of cases of seizures, people who have seizures and are having brain damage, people with brain damage who have had seizures and then the seizures just disappear,” Lichts chief medical officer, Dr. Michael D. Schatz, told MSNBC.”

So, I think there’s a danger of, you know, people not knowing what they’re doing and then they don’t know what to do,” Schatz added.”

There’s a lot that can go wrong when these things get into the bloodstream.

And we’re seeing a lot more cases now where people are taking these,” Schapats medical director, Dr in Residence, Dr Thomas D. Dominguez, told NBC News.”

People are just taking these and not getting any benefits,” Domingos added.

Schatz and Domingues say the association’s warning could have been a mistake.

The American Academy said that it has been reviewing its guidelines for the use of synthetic cannabinoid products.

They are also looking into ways to limit the potential harm from the product.

“I think the American Academy is doing the right thing,” Schaltz told NBC.

“It’s been a really good message, and I think that it will be a good message for others.”

Schatz told NBC that the AMA is looking at ways to keep products from getting into the hands of kids.

Schaltz said he hopes the association will eventually follow through on its warning.

“But at the moment we’re working on our own, and we’re going to see where the guidelines are going to go,” Schats medical directors statement said.

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