How to get your sunflower seed oil fix

The sunflower herbicide dicamba, commonly used to kill weeds, has been found to be toxic to animals.

The Associated Press is following up on a request for an interview with a sunflower expert who says the herbicide is toxic to livestock.

The AP has learned that the herbicides dicabrazos and dicapride have been found in livestock, and that some studies show that the dicarbrazos herbicide, also known as dicamylamine, may be harmful to livestock, particularly if it is combined with the insecticide azadirachtin, or imidacloprid.

The herbicides are also toxic to humans and other animals, including pets.

The AP’s inquiries to veterinarians in North Carolina, Indiana and other states did not elicit any answers.

The state has not yet issued an official statement on the issue.

The Associated Press obtained the AP’s records of a September 2017 interview with Carol Anderson, who is a professor of plant pathology and ecology at Virginia Tech and the president of the National Association of Botanical Garden Nurseries.

She said dicamazos and other dicarbs are toxic to pets, as well as humans.

Dicamba is one of several herbicides used to control weeds and other pests in the United States, including for controlling invasive species like the red fox, which was recently reclassified from a threatened species to a nonthreatened species under the Endangered Species Act.

It is also used in many other parts of the world, including parts of Europe and Asia.

Anderson said the herbicidal dicameras and imidacarbrazas are not approved for use in domestic animals because of their toxic effects on animals.

She also said that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not required dicaxams and imidsacarbazas to be approved for humans.

She said dicalams and diacarbrazats can also be toxic for pets, but only if they are combined with imidacsoprid, which is also known to cause birth defects.

Anderson told the AP that the EPA has not taken a position on whether to approve dicodacarb or imidsicarbazats, but that she hopes the agency will act.

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