How to get an herbal medicine doctor’s license

More than 200 companies have applied to the state to obtain licenses to sell their products.But the state Department of Health and Human Services says there are more than 3,000 applications and the process is expected to take about four years.“We’re looking for people who are licensed to sell medicinal products,” Dr. Jeffrey R. Zimlich, […]

How to get a prescription for a herbal medicine

A doctor is required to fill out a prescription before a patient can use a prescription drug for the first time.A patient has to get their doctor’s prescription and fill out an online form before they can take a prescription.There are some exceptions to the rules, though, which include prescriptions for certain drugs and conditions.Here […]

Trump, Sanders both embrace ‘Medicine for All’

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is taking a much more pragmatic approach to the opioid crisis than former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who recently called for a “Medicine-for-All” system that includes drugs that are used for treatment and not for profit.In an interview with MSNBC, Sanders said the U.S. is facing “an epidemic of overdose […]

Why does a man in Nepal need a medicinal herb?

Many Nepali women in Nepal are not aware of the benefits of medicinal herbs, and their use has been blamed for the rise in cases of tuberculosis.The country has one of the highest rates of tuberculosis in the world, and a recent study by the United Nations showed that nearly half of all cases of […]

When should you get goosegrass herb medicine?

If you have been diagnosed with an allergy, you may be able to get a prescription from a doctor or pharmacist in the U.S. for a topical remedy made from a plant that can help ease symptoms such as asthma and hay fever.The plant is called goosegrass, and its use is not as well known […]

How to use herbal medicine in Indonesia

Indonesia is known for its diverse herbal medicine community.Some of the products offered at pharmacies are not commonly available in other parts of the world.But with medicinal herbs such as ayurveda and traditional medicine being used by some communities in Indonesia, it’s a common practice.“There’s no real reason why we can’t have a national drugstore […]

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